The Recorder

What is The Recorder?

THE RECORDER is a Bespoke Online Business Management Platform designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to help manage various aspect of their business ranging from monitoring not only the financial dealings, but the entire running of the business. Access to THE RECORDER is via a computer or mobile device such as Phones, Tabs amongst others, connected to the internet anywhere and any-time. This is made possible as the application runs on CLOUD STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, thus eliminating the need for a server or installation of application on your local machine, which in turn reduces the overhead cost of running your business. It simplifies managing customer centric activities such as tracking leads, accounting for operations of all kinds, customer follow up and delivering support services and employee management.

  • Stores Customer and Vendor’s Information.
  • Manages Employee's Payroll.
  • Manages VAT Records for Services.
  • Track Sales and Expenses.
  • Manages Products and Services.
  • Manages Stock and Inventory.
  • Monitors Products and service status.
  • Monitors total resource of your business.
  • Traces mode of Financial Transaction(Cash, POS, Transfer & Cheques).
  • Reports Generated in different formats.
  • Generates Voucher.
  • Generates Invoice and Receipts.
  • Authenticated Users Only.
  • Track Records in Relation to Specific Authorized Users.
  • Secured Recycle Bin.

The use of THE RECORDER is applicable in diverse industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, telecommunication, hospitality, retail and entertainment. With our strict privacy policy and secured infrastructure, you can be assured of a smooth transition to THE RECORDER.

The generated data are backed up on behalf of our clients who in turn can also back their data up at their convenience, but our clients are however assured of Data Redundancy and prevention of any form of Data loss. We have tested the Recorder solution for multiple scenarios so that all your critical information stays safe.


  • Highly customized to your specific requirements and industry norms.
  • Solution that caters to your current requirements and also copes up with your evolving business needs
  • Thoroughly tested solutions for possible security leaks.
  • Strict security of your data and intellectual property rights under non-disclosure agreement.
  • Configure frameworks to accommodate your future scalability needs.
  • On-demand support.
  • Fast turn around time and delivered to your budget.


  • Customization of Application: THE RECORDER is designed to suit business of different types e.g. Sales and Services, Manufacturing, Health providers e.t.c.
  • Easy to Use: It is designed to be interactive and easy to understand.
  • Real Time Access to Data: Access to the application in real time anywhere is guaranteed.
  • Inexpensive: It is very affordable for business of any size.
  • Highly Secured: Security is guaranteed at various level of opperation, with only authorized users granted access.
  • Multi-Tenants: Multiple users can be created and work simultaneously.
  • Multiple Roles: Roles are created, granted or revoked from users, thus restricting users to specific pages
  • Integration: Data from application can be easily exported by users.
  • Monitoring: Overall and individual business performance at different stages is captured with the application.
  • Remote and Local Data Backup: Already this is professionally done for client remotely, however backup can also be done on local machine by users.
  • Easy Tracking of History: Information of all types requested can be obtained, with various filters aid avialable.
  • Login Register: Login history of all users is available, for security purpose.
  • Background Recycle Bin: Deleted transactions are captured and available only to authorized persons.

The use of THE RECORDER is applicable in diverse industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, telecommunication, hospitality, retail and entertainment THE RECORDER can be used by all organizations that generates data of all kind in the course of running their business and needs the proper way of managing the generated data.

For those who want to have an edge by getting real time information at their finger tip and stay ahead in their business in midst of competition, in place of the traditional flat files or the robust and expensive software contributing to the over head cost of the company, “THE RECORDER”, is the business application meant for you.

THE RECORDER will comfortably replace perhaps, organization which may have previously employed the use of software which hosted locally and can only be accessed within the Server Domiciled Premises, which in the first place incur huge capital investment in setting up and subsequent maintenance.














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Also on our platform is the "RECORDER BOX", A Crystal Crumbs version of the popular Drop Box. "RECORDER BOX" is a highly secured application where files in different format can be stored and retrieved anytime. Stored files can however be kept private or shared within the team thus increasing collaboration and efficiency among employees.

A version of "RECORDER BOX" with a limited storage is availablle to all "THE RECORDER" subscribers at "NO EXTRA CHARGE" with provisions for future upgrades.